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No, ISAT offers free membership programs for students. Students can simply apply by filling membership registration form. Our team will contact the selected member within a period of week

No, ISAT doesn’t pay any stipend to memebrs. Membership program is just to encourage students by adding them in our official site. Members can have their own courses and articles on our official site by their names.

ISAT offers following benefits to members: 

  • 30%Off on our all International certified courses/ Diplomas.

  • 50%Off on our all events like seminars,workshops etc.

  • You name will be listed as an Ambassador/Member on our website.

  • Your Responsibilities will be to manage and promote ISAT events like courses/workshops in your circle and in your respected institute.

If you have any query related to anything, you can ask anytime by contacting us through our whatsapp helpline number.

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