Role of Physical Therapy in COVID-19

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About Course

This free online course on the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is specially designed for physical therapist. As it consists of all the guidelines issued by APTA,WHO and other health related authorities in order to clarify the role of physical therapy in Covid-19 management.


This free online course covers the essential aspects of the coronavirus Covid-19 (2,056,055 infected/ 134,178 deaths

This free online course on the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) focuses on the history, transmission, symptoms, possible treatment and potential prevention of the novel coronavirus. As part of the international response, ISAT has created this free online course on what people need to know about the novel coronavirus, its background, and how to best deal with the threat it poses to you, your family and community.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Covid-19
  • Symptoms of Covid-19
  • Treatment Measures of Covid-19
  • Role of Physical Therapist in Covid-19

Topics for this course

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Role of Physical Therapy in Covid-19

What is coronavrius4:31
What Are the Symptoms of COVID-19?
How is the Coronavirus Transmitted?
How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19
How to Protect Others from COVID-19
Do I Need to Wear a Facemask?
What Should I Do if I Get Sick?
When Should I Seek Emergency Medical Help?
Role of Physical Therapist in Covid-19
Is There a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Is There a Treatment for COVID-19?
What Happens Next?

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Very informative.

This is absolutely informative course, we can save not only ourselves but also all the people around us to save them against COVID-19.

It's very informative for physios

Informative course

Dumbest course!

This course is good but need some update and details

Highly informative

It's too good from a PT point of view. But need some study of its structure with some detail.


Informative course


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